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Unforeseen expenses or late income are no longer a problem thanks to our short-term loan offer. We distinguish between classic and revolving short-term credit. The classics are spread over a maximum of 1 year. The revolving credit can be extended after any term. Short-term loans are designed to increase short-term working capital (for example, the purchase of a new business, the acquisition of assets or real estate). The loan can be obtained in EUR or USD with a duration of 3 months to 3 years. Short-term loans according to your financing needs Whatever your situation, you will find the short-term loan that will suit your financial needs. Here are some examples of the many uses of a personal loan for "

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Medium / Long Term Financing?

As you may know, the construction planning process has always been less than perfect... In the past, project timelines were overly optimistic... This resulted in an average of 45% of work promised in a current week. completion date after the end of his term. This type of violation left the sub-contractors waiting for the completion of the previous task, even before the next phase of the work could proceed... To solve this problem, our construction office implemented the process of Pull planning, coordinated with contractors. on a weekly basis. The Pull Planning method calculates the schedule in reverse.

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Our interest rates vary depending on the amount requested and the settlement period. Our rates are relatively low and vary between 2% and 8.90%. Opt for the personal loan, you will benefit from a fixed interest rate. Between 2% and 8.90% does not change during the term of the loan. You choose the amount and time that suits you best. With the personal loan you can borrow from €3,000 to €5,000,000 over a period of 12 to 240 months.

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